Q1.   Why should I Invest with MMLF ?

Ans.  High Returns & Utmost Safety.


Q2.    How Safe is my Money ?

Ans.  a] The Company undergoes regular Statutory Inspection under section 45 of RBI Act 1934.

         b] In October 1998, RBI validated & approved the Company's work practices & accounting

             systems. One of the 40000 Finance Companies in India applied for registration,

             MMLF was one of the 1600 allowed to accept Public Deposits.

         c] Resources are diversified over a large segment of people hence less risk of bad debts.


Q3.    How can the Company Afford to Pay out such High Interest Rates in the present

         scenario ?

Ans.  a] Low Infrastructure cost.

         b] No Advertising cost.

         c] No Fund diversions.

         d] No risk making / speculative investments.

         e] 75% of advances are under Hire Purchase Schemes hence less recovery / legal cost.

         f ] The Company has no agents, hence the cost of commission is nil.


Q4.    Are Funds from Abroad accepted ?

Ans.  YES - On non repatriable basis.

                  Send a Draft in the name of the Company.

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