Money Masters Leasing & Finance Ltd. (MMLF) Started operations in 1995 and within 3 years became a public limited company. It obtained a deposit taking NBFC license (A category) in October 1998 and is presently an asset finance company. Since December 2011 the company has stopped taking public deposits. Money Masters is at present listed on BSE SME.

MMLF primarily provides vehicles and equipment on hire purchase which constitutes more than 90% of its turnover. The company funds small and medium enterprises, startup businesses for machineries and consumer goods, which are to be used for commercial activity. Till date MMLF has funded approx. 4000 autorickshaws apart from IT hardware and other equipment through marketing tie-ups with established dealers. Future plans include micro financing, funding of 75-100 autorickshaws every month and computer hardware through hire purchase. Average ticket size ranges from 2 lakhs for autorickshaws to Rs. 25 lakhs for IT and other equipment.

Area of operations are in a short radius from the office and only clients with strong references are on boarded.

  • Low Infrastructure cost
  • Low or no advertising cost
  • No fund diversions
  • No speculative investments
  • No cost of commission
  • Resources are diversified over large segment of people hence low risk
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