The logo/Mark depicts the two M's in our name Money Masters.

The arrow like structure depicts a graphical representation related to finance or funds.

  The red arrow is bigger than blue which depicts an upward rising graph of the investments in the faith of our company.
=  The name as appears in between lines signifies the bottom line as depicted in any finance statement or synonymous with the company.

The combination of the colours blue and red are associated with corporate identities. In our case blue signifies the calm, composed and solid fundamentals, intermingled with red which the colour of fire/drive/determination and ambition to grow and reach the pinnacle of success. Also the basic thought is of triangle, a pyramid id  which attracts cosmic energizes the entity to perform par excellence.


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We donot have any offices outside Mumbai.

We have not appointed any agency / representative outside Mumbai to transact on our behalf

Money Master Leasing & Finance Ltd.,
Ground Floor 4 Akashdeep ,1, T.P.S. VI, Santacruz(West), Mumbai - 54, 
Tel:  +91 2661 3184, 2661 4222, Fax: 91 2661 6981, Mail: